The holiday season is approaching, people are traveling, and most people are trying to leave the Portales/Clovis area rather than come.  But, thankfully, plane flights work both ways, so you can come and go just as equally.  Did I say plane flight?  To Portales & Clovis?  Yes! You heard me right.  You can fly here.  Boutique Air has daily service from Clovis to Dallas.  In 2 hours or less you can be in Dallas, compared to an 8 hour drive.  You book tickets on their website or by calling them.  It is a pretty simple process, none of the confusion that comes with the major airline websites.  Their flights arrive at the corporate aviation terminal at DFW, and there is a shuttle to take you to the main terminal if you are switching to a main line carrier.  The process is pretty seamless so long as weather doesn't get in the way of things. You don't have to deal with the pesky TSA and there are no security lines.  One downside is that that luggage space is limited.


I mean, this is flying in comfort! By having this service, it has opened up a whole new world!  Tickets range from $69-$159 one way, depending on how early you purchase them.  I personally ran into trouble with weather, and the other downside is that other major airlines will not accommodate you if there are problems.  It is the same as driving though.  If you miss your flight, then you are on your own.  Check out this great service, safe yourself a few hours of frustrating travel time, and enjoy life.  Just book in advance, they fill up fast!