Everyone loves Instagram for fun stuff, but what about that upcoming remodel project?  Pinterst has been the go website for DIY projects, but they also have some pretty neat things on house organization, remodels, and how to just add a bit of curb appeal. HOMESPOT has a Pinterest page with a variety of information and ideas, but as housing professionals, we try to get outside of the box every now and then.

Have you every heard of ApartmentTherapy.com?  It is a great website that is not just for apartment dwellers.  It has great improvement projects, the ability to tour real life homes, and look at ideas by room and color.  It truly amazes me what a bit of paint and a little creativity can do.  No room is too small or too big to make over.  In Portales, I sometimes feel we loose touch with the rest of the world on whats trendy but these websites are golden for great ideas and to keep things fresh.

Another great website (and app) is Houzz.com.  It has a ton of design ideas for any room of the house.  This website is more focused on design, but it has a ton of great tips on how to use space efficiently and colors to help accent things.  It is also a ton of fun to play on!

Homesnap.com is a website and app that gives users the public information on a home by taking a picture of it.  The website is great, but still a bit basic for our area and I haven't tried to take a photo of  a home yet.  That is on my agenda of things to play with next time I'm out and about.  It is amazing how much information is public these days through the court house.


Social media and all of the content that exists on the web can be completely overwhelming. Our team is always experimenting and playing with things to try to find the best resources out there to make all of our lives a little simpler, more efficient, and prettier with a bit of color!