In today's world, there is technology for everything.  It has now infiltrated your home.  Some things are a bit over the top, like heated toilet seats.  Some things, though, are just down right handy.  One of the coolest things i've seen is a Goji lock.  You can control it with your smart phone, unlock it for anyone when you are away, or see a picture of who is at your door.  It senses when you're phone is close so you don't have to fumble around for keys, but also comes with a fob for those who do not have smart phones.  When all else fails, though, it also has a old fashion key as a back up.

Another of the more common gadgets is a Nest thermostat.  It tracks your thermostat settings for a few weeks, then starts to operate on autopilot.  It knows when you're not home, but will warm up or cool down your home shortly before you return.  Same for in the evenings.  It will cool off at night then a few hours before you wake, it will start warming the house again.

There are lots of other cool internet connected gadgets that Belkin WeMo has created.  They have light switches, light bulbs, crock pots, plugs, baby monitors, and many other items that you can control with your phone. If you're out of town, you can turn off and turn on lights.  If you need to adjust the temperature of the crock pot for that roast you're cooking for dinner, you can do that too.  The plugs can track the energy used by the appliance plugged into them.  For example, a space heater in your home office.  You can turn it on remotely, it will track usage, and then when you leave the house and forget about it, you can turn it off with your phone.  Some other systems take things so far you can control your house with your voice, but WeMo system seems to keep things a bit simpler and user friendly while not costing an arm and a leg.


If you have any of these gadgets, we at HOMESPOT would love to hear about how they work for you.