Clovis & Portales | Market Update


Another Great month for the Portales/Clovis Real Estate Market

Price per Square Foot and Sales price are up considerably, but the biggest jump is the number of homes sold in a 31 day period.

July might have had one more day than June but the 20% increase in number of sales can't really be attributed to that one extra day. Or maybe it can. Who know?

Number of Homes for sale and number of days that were spent on the market for the homes sold last month, are also up. This increase is not as good as the aforementioned statistics, but they don't have a tremendous influence on what we already know: There is a stock pile of houses that need to be sold and it takes an average of about 5 months to sell a home. 

Now, this is an average so some houses sold in 3 days, some houses sold in 3 years. To help your home be one of the "3-day sales" (though we can't guarantee 72 hours on the market) you need to be realistic about the price so that it stands out among the large number of homes that are currently on the market. Ideally, you want to be the cheapest house and, while that is not always practical, it gives you a good idea of whether you are ready to sell your property or not. 

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